Artists Statements

Each ASCCT artist has provided a short biographical sketch, including the medium they work in and an example of their work. In addition, some artists have a gallery of their work; you'll find a link at the end of their statement.

Bobbi Adams Carolyn Atkinson Lee Benoy Timi Bronson Frankie Bush
James Fernandes John Fowler Jim Gleason Denise L Greer Janis Hobbs
Cheryl Hoffman Cornelia Joyner MJ Martin Traci Pacer

Work by Bobbi Adams
photo of Bobbi Adams

Bobbi Adams
Medium: Mixed Media

Art and gardening are Bobbi's passions. Her garden is her muse. Light and color are important in her painting, just as light influences the colors which are seen in a garden. Bobbi has been painting for thirty years and gardening all her life.

In 1975 Bobbi left the New York-New Jersey area and moved to South Carolina. In rural Lee County, she gardens. Her art developed in its current form from the materials in the garden. Many of her plants are flowers and shrubs native to South Carolina. Today Bobbi makes her own paint of materials from the earth and handmade papers from the plants she grows in her gardens.

Bobbi graduated from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois with a degree in zoology. Later she attended the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of Design. She studied in Venice through the International Program of New York University from which she also obtained her Masters Degree in studio.

Work by Carolyn Atkinson
photo of Carolyn Atkinson

Carolyn Moore Atkinson
Medium: Mixed Media

Carolyn Moore Atkinson holds a degree in Art from Appalachian State University and has since studied under Carrie Brown, Bob Burridge, Mark Mehaffey and Joan Fullerton among others. Her works are mainly mixed media created using acrylic paints, pencil and charcoal as well as found objects and personally created papers.

Carolyn has shown at Frame Moxie in Hartsville SC and had a two woman show in The Burr Gallery in Cheraw SC and Black Creek Arts Center in Hartsville SC with Fran Gardner. She has shown in numerous galleries throughout the state with the Artists of the SC Cotton Trail which she is a current member. Carolyn is a member of the South Carolina Water Media Society. She won second place in The Visualicious 2012 exhibit at The Art Trail Gallery in Florence SC in the professional division. Carolyn will have a one woman exhibit in September 2018 at Black Creek Arts Center in Hartsville, SC.

Artist Statement:
My grandmother was an artist. My mother always encouraged me in my love for the arts. She would take me out in nature and we would draw together. I have always created art in some form or fashion my entire life. If I am not creating it I am studying it. My aspirations are to continue my quest of exploring, creating and finding my own voice. It is a journey and one that is well worth the ride.

Work by Lee Benoy
photo of Lee Benoy

Lee Benoy
Medium: Photography

Photography has been a hobby of mine since childhood, and since retiring and moving to South Carolina, I've devoted the majority of my free time to it. I am self-taught, with no formal education in either photography or art, and use on-line resources and photography books for both technical and artistic development. My formal education is in mathematics and computer science, and I retired from a career in telecommunications.

My current work covers a wide range of subjects, but my main interests are landscape and architectural photography. I photograph both natural and urban landscapes and particularly enjoy photographing historic buildings and sites. The latter affords me the opportunity to travel and explore the many historical areas in South Carolina. My primary interest is currently in historical churches and train stations.

My work has been exhibited in the various galleries in South Carolina, including Black Creek Arts Center, Florence Museum, Florence Library, Art Trail Gallery, Seacoast Artists Gallery, SC State Fair, Art Fields, Rice Museum, Patriot's Hall, and Jones-Carter Gallery.


  • Carolinas Exhibits, Black Creek Arts Center, 13 awards 2009 - 2017, including 2 Best of Show
  • Art Fields, juried into show, 2016
  • SC State Fair, juried in, 2011 - 2015
  • Photofabulous, Art Trail Gallery, awards 2011, 2013, 2014
  • Fall Show, Seacoast Gallery, Honorable Mention, 2013
  • Magic City Survey, Florence Library, Honorable Mention, 2012 (exhibit judged by artist Mary Whyte)

Work by Timi Bronson
photo of Timi Bronson

Timi Bronson
Medium: Fiber

I have been involved with fiber in one way or another since I was a teen. I discovered art quilting after visiting the Paducah, KY quilt show in 1994, and have been hooked ever since. My art quilts combine traditional quilting techniques, modern quilting techniques, machine embroidery and mixed media techniques. Materials range from the traditional commercial cotton fabrics and commercially produced batik fabrics, to hand dyed fabric, yarns, wool, silk fibers and found objects. I love to experiment with different techniques and materials motivated by "I wonder what would happen if ..." I experiment, mix and match and try multiple techniques until I get the results I'm after. My quilts are a reflection of whatever my current interest happens to be.

I am a member of SAQA, PAQA, Swamp Fox Quilters Guild, Coastal Carolina Quilt Guild, South Carolina Longarm Quilters and Charlotte Quilters Guild. I have exhibited throughout the United States and have quilts in both corporate and personal collections in the United States and Europe.

Work by Frankie Bush
photo of Frankie Bush

Frankie Bush
Medium: Painting

Inspiration for my work comes from the beauty that is around us. Each of my paintings is a personal response to that beauty. My watercolor paintings are done in the studio. I photograph nature to get my ideas and record details that people often don't see. As I work I am concerned about design, color and shadow. I continue to evolve as an artist.

After years of working with acrylics, oils, and many 3-D mediums, I choose to concentrate on watercolor only. I made the correct choice because this is the medium that speaks to me. There is excitement to the transparency and the opaqueness of watercolor that allows for the bold as well as the delicate. I invite the viewer to share my experiences of painting flowers in close focus.

Work by James Fernandes
photo of James Fernandes

James Fernandes
Medium: Photography

I try to look at scenes from a perspective that's different from the ordinary vacation picture. I try to capture the views and objects that some people might walk past or to look at them from a different angle. I've also done some conceptual photography. I found it interesting to hear how other people have interpreted the message I was attempting to convey.

Juried exhibiting member of the Artisians of the South Carolina Cotton Trail and the Darlington County Photo Club. Have had photographs on exhibit at the Black Creek Arts Gallery, Hartsville, SC; Art Trail Gallery, Florence, SC; the Florence Museum of Art; the Burr Gallery, Cheraw, SC; the Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, SC; Artfields and the Artfields Gallery in Lake City, SC and the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville.

Work by John Fowler
photo of John Fowler

John Fowler
Medium: Mixed Media

I began practicing calligraphy in high school. It was a natural evolution from calligraphy methods that I began drawing with a crow quill pen. Initially, I started scribing old architecture and lighthouses, using cross hatching methods. Later, this technique evolved into drawing birds and butterflies, whereby I added washes of watercolor. In time, I began selling note cards, greeting cards, and art prints at art galleries.

As I became more proficient with cross hatching using a quill pen, I gained an interest and an appetite for printmaking in the form of copper plate engraving, wood engraving, woodcuts, and linocuts. Within these methods, I mimic the drawn line with intaglio or relief processes. Some of these printmaking examples gained entry into three local shows. I have juried once into the Pee Dee Regional Juried Art Competition; and twice into the Small Works: Florence Arts Alliance Juried Competitions.

I am drawn towards subjects regarding Natural History, using illustration and graphic techniques. I am equally interested in sketching a six hundred year old arrowhead as I am of carving a woodcut of a newly emerged mushroom. As such, the old drawing and printmaking methods have such an allure to me. However, I am also quite interested in new technologies and how old methods can be integrated into modern techniques, such as in the juxtaposition of a copper plate engraving with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. In so doing, old art techniques can enter the digital world that drives us.

If I were to declare a reason for my works, or should I decide to distill the force of my art into a purpose, it would be to bring light to the beauty of nature. It would be also to remind us of the great value and fragility of our natural world and its wilder inhabitants. In so doing, my art may in some way help color a world where we have more appreciation and respect for our environment and each other.

Work by Jim Gleason
photo of Jim Gleason

Jim Gleason
Medium: Sculpture

The urge to create combines with a reverence for musical instruments, and the desire to preserve whatever life remains in the parts and pieces of an instrument. As a professional musician and a master technician in the repair of brass and woodwind instruments, I have spent much of my life devoted to extending their lives. Now, when the parts and pieces or whole instruments are no longer in a state that makes sense to repair them, I find myself giving them new life in a form that celebrates their previous existence, saving them from being discarded completely.

Work by Denise L Greer
photo of Denise Greer

Denise L. Greer
Medium: Mixed Media

Denise L. Greer was born in Teaneck, New Jersey and began making art at an early age. In 2000 Greer decided to get serious about her art. After retiring from a 30 year career in the telecommunications industry, Denise decided to concentrate on water media. From watercolors she expanded her repertoire to include oils, acrylic, pastels, collage and her specialty, mixed media. Greer immediately began winning awards in her native New Jersey. She relocated to South Carolina in January 2005 and continued making art and winning awards. She has been winning many major awards throughout the state, including three consecutive "First Place" awards in the Florence Museum Pee-Dee Regional in 2009, 2010, 2011; "Guy Lipscomb Award" in the SC Watermedia Society Show in 2010; "Best in Show" in Trenholm Artists' Guild in 2011; "Best in Show" in the North Charleston Art Fest in 2011; and "Honorable Mention" in Piccolo Spoleto in 2011. She is also an experienced commercial air brush/restoration artist. Greer is (still) settling into her home in southern Kershaw County with her husband Mike and two cats.

Greer states: "As a mixed media artist I tend to see the similarities of the various media instead of the differences. Mixed media is like a family; everyone has to work together and get along."

Work by Janis Hobbs
photo of Janis Hobbs

Janis Hobbs
Medium: Drawing

Even at an early age her wish to be an artist was always present but being raised in the country in the 1950's didn't allow much hope that dream would come true. It was late in life that she realized her talent wasn't lost and used her knowledge of animals and nature to begin her career as an artist.

Janis uses graphite and color pencils as her favorite medium, but also enjoys the richness of blending soft pastels. She continually strives to increase her knowledge by attending workshops and private instructions. She studied sculpture techniques for three years from sculptor, Alex Palkovich in order to turn clay works into bronze.

Janis is a juried Exhibiting Member of the Artists of the South Carolina Cotton Trail and the official South Carolina Artisan Center in Walterboro, South Carolina. She served as Event Coordinator for the Art Trail Gallery in Florence South Carolina for three years and was juried into the Art Show at the Dog Show for two years in Wichita Kansas.

She has exhibited in numerous galleries, such as Jones Carter Gallery, Art Fields Competition, Aiken Artisan Center, Black Creek Arts Council, Rice Museum, Burr Gallery, and Seacoast Gallery. She has participated in the South Carolina State Fair for 9 consecutive years.

Janis is an award winning artist in various exhibits and competitions.

Work by Janis Hobbs
photo of Janis Hobbs

Janis Hobbs
Medium: Sculpture

Janis's bio and statement can be found above in her section on drawing.

Work by Cornelia Webster Joyner
photo of Cornelia Webster Joyner

Cornelia Webster Joyner
Medium: Painting

I have always had a pencil and sketch pad in hand, even as a young child. Raised on a tobacco and cotton farm near Lake City, I developed an early appreciation for the love of nature from my father and was fascinated by the many flowers my mother grew, as an avid gardner.

With a career as a registered nurse, it was not until the late 70's that I had the opportunity to persue my love of art. My husband, a wildlife biologist, became the project leader and resident biologist at the Yawkey Wildlife Center, off the coast of Georgetown. The beauty of the 20,000 acre preserve is overwhelming and I began to paint!

Georgetown had a number of wonderful watercolorists and I began to study with them. Eventually I took lessons and workshops from local and nationally known artists. Through the years, I found my own delicate realistic style of painting. I am a detailed person. It's who I am and it's very apparent in my work. I enjoy experimenting with rice papers, colored pencils and pastels to enhance my favorite subjects - flowers.

After 30 years on the islands, we are retired and back in Lake City living in my 100 year old farm house where I grew up. I have built a studio and love continuing to paint the beautiful flowers my mother planted.

I have had shows with the Georgetown Watercolor Society in the past years when I was a member. Living in Lake City, I am a member of the Greater Lake City Artist Guild, where I have shown since the guild was formed.

I have also had shows in Charleston, Charlotte and Hilton Head. I was invited to have a one man show last January at the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation in Florence.

I'm also a member of the S.C. Watermedia Association, as well as a juried exhibiting member of the Artists of the S.C. Cotton Trail.


  • 1st place at the National Bean Market Art contest in Columbia 2008
  • 1st place Lake City Tobacco Festival 2010
  • "Peoples Favorite" 2011 art exhibit at the National Bean Market in Lake City
  • Contact:
  • Cornelia Webster Joyner
  • 1241 Olanta Hwy.
  • Lake City, S.C. 29560
  • Phone: (843) 389-4628
  • Email:

Work by MJ Martin
photo of MJ Martin

MJ Martin
Medium: Fiber

I have always loved fabrics and learned to operate a treadle sewing machine as a child. My first exposure to handweaving was in the late 1960s in Indiana and I was certain that I wanted to learn how to create my own fabrics and handwoven pieces!

My first loom was built by my Dad in Kansas from old family pieces of furniture. I was a member of Handweavers' Guilds in Spokane, Washington and Valdosta, Georgia, took classes and workshops and attended national and regional conferences to learn the art and craft of handweaving. As my skills grew, so did my involvement. Demonstrations, commission and consignment work, shows, and teaching followed.

My interest in spinning grew out of my interest and involvement in weaving; I wanted to create my own yarns. I like to "start at the sheep", go to a sheep ranch on shearing day to acquire the freshly shorn fleeces, then clean and card the wool, spin and hand dye the yarns. I also spin cotton and have also experimented with a variety of other fibers. It is enjoyable to demonstrate spinning and also to use handspun yarns in my woven pieces.

I have a BFA in Studio Art and work in a range of media, but have a special interest in and desire to share my love of handweaving and spinning.

Work by Traci Pacer
photo of Traci Pacer

Traci Pacer
Medium: Painting

I have been an artist from a young age and have always loved painting and drawing. I attended Coker College, where I received a degree in Graphic Design with minors in Photography and English Literature. While at Coker, I was able to study a variety of artistic mediums and learned the importance of communication through art. I have carried those lessons with me, and like to use symbolism to tell a story through my images.

My preferred painting mediums are oil and acrylic. I paint primarily landscapes and still life images, but I desire to explore the challenges of portraiture. A recurring theme within my work is perception versus reality, and the various aspects of society and culture. After following a career in packaging and design, I am very excited to now pursue my love of art and nature.

I have exhibited in the Burr Gallery in Cheraw, Lynda English Studio in Florence and was a member of the Local League of Artisans. I am currently a board member of the Black Creek Arts Council and a member of the Darlington County Photography Club.

Work by Traci Pacer
photo of Traci Pacer

Traci Pacer
Medium: Photography

I was lucky enough to discover the joy of photography while pursuing a Graphic Design degree at Coker College. The art of photography allowed me to observe the beauty of South Carolina in a new way, and introduced a love of nature into my life.

As a photographer, I like to present unusual views of my subject matter. My preferred subject is nature, but I also enjoy macro photography and still life images. I like to create a connection between fine art and photography when possible, and enjoy the abstraction of images that I can create through the lens. I also frequently use my photographs for the creation of landscape paintings, as an obsession with detail would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

I have exhibited at the Trans Financial Bank in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Burr Gallery in Cheraw, The Gallery in Beaufort, the Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery in Hartsville, Black Creek Arts Gallery and was a member of the Local League of Artisans. I am currently a board member of the Black Creek Arts Council and a member of the Darlington County Photography Club.