Recent Exhibits

  • Rice Museum
  • Georgetown, SC

Meet the Artist


Welcome to the Artists of the South Carolina Cotton Trail's (ASCCT) website. The ASCCT is an organization of juried artists located in the Cotton Trail region of South Carolina. The about page provides an explanation of our purpose and mission, and includes a brief history of the ASCCT. Examples of the artists' work can be found along with their artists' statements on the site. Also, take a look at the slide shows of our exhibitions hosted by various galleries in South Carolina.

Next Meeting

The date and time of the next meeting has been changed to accomodate members requesting meetings be held in daylight hours. The next meeting will be held on a Sunday afternoon instead of the first Tuesday evening of the month. Hopefully this will enable more members to travel to the meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 3:00pm in Hartsville at the Black Creek Arts Center.

Non-members are invited to attend these meetings to see what the ASCCT is about. Future meeting dates can be found on the calendar page.